Solidarity work with prisoners is often neglected by the Left. However, dealing with repression and its implications must always be part of political discussions. When the present Landesregierung (CDU/Grüne) of Hesse decided to open a deportation center in Darmstadt, we knew that we had to act immediately, opposing “Horst” and the AFD.

What we do: We visit all detainees who request it. During visiting hours we speak with them about their daily life in detention, as well as about their family, health or simply anything of immediate importance to them. We endeavour to examine court documents and rulings, and engage attorneys to take on the cases, in order to obtain the release of those detained in these centers.

Additionally, we report on the poor conditions inside the center, such as the insufficient medical care available, as well as the poor quality of the food among other things.

Furthermore, we gladly communicate and cooperate with all groups, institutions and associations who are interested in our work, and earnestly try to remind the public over and over again that deportation prisons are never acceptable and must be abolished.

A reminder: During the past century, the role of deportation centers has always been to maintain the position of those in power. In the past and even today, the threat of people qith false or foreign or invalid passports, is used to stir up fear among the populace, and to perpetuate lies about and create hate against these vulnerable people.

If you would like to support us in our efforts or simply find out more about what we do, please send us an email at:

pia-hessendarmstadt [at] riseup . net